Point Reyes

Posted by Ellen

The fishing boat Point Reyes ran aground umpteen years ago in Tomales Bay, about an hour north of San Francisco. She lists and rusts against the mud and weeds near the edge of the bay, conveniently located in back of a grocery store in the town of Inverness.

Posted by Ellen



(Image removed at the request of the photographer, Cris Benton)


This view of Drake's Beach at Point Reyes National Seashore in California is another example of kite photography, one of the oldest applications of the photo arts.

During the American Civil War, kites and balloons were used to hoist cameras, and sometimes also cameramen, for spying expeditions. Kite photography was also used to survey the damage after San Francisco's 1906 earthquake and fire. 

Planes and satellites, of course, have relegated kite photography to niche status. On the other hand, modern digital cameras and wireless control technology have become so lightweight and inexpensive that it's a readily accessible niche.